About us

Who we are:

Insurancehound.ca is a full service insurance brokerage owned & staffed by licensed insurance professionals in Ontario. We combine the simplicity of Point of Sale technology with the support of experienced insurance brokers. To enhance your online experience InsuranceHound has partnered with online marketing & sales pioneers Armada Data Corp with their high profile online brands Leasebusters and Car Cost Canada levering the expertise of these 2 industry leaders we are certain you will have a powerful cost savings experience.

What we are thinking:

Insurancehound.ca was created with one simple purpose – to allow YOU to control your insurance costs. We do this by providing you with the automation tools to instantly quote, buy & manage your insurance all on one simple website with a great cross-section of insurance companies to choose from. Car and Home insurance policies have become commodities with very little variations. Within our self-serve environment you are now able to obtain multiple quotes, learn what the options are, and make an informed decision about the best coverage for you. Need help? No problem–our team of seasoned insurance brokers are on standby to assist you with your insurance purchase.

Why Online:

Banking, shopping, vacations and doing taxes is all done online. Today this is the preferred choice for doing business. Online point-of-sale (POS) technology makes it easy & convenient for consumers to research, compare and purchase. The old way of getting quotes, contacting brokers, comparing apples to apples is very time consuming, frustrating & unnecessary. We make it possible to not only compare quotes, but to buy your insurance directly on our secure Portal. Compare, Buy & Save. Anytime. All the Time!