Insurance polices are complex. How do I know I am buying the right coverage? I don’t know if I’m comfortable buying insurance by myself.

Car insurance is regulated by the Ontario government therefore standardized. Home insurance products are bundled into packages with little variations. Our intuitive quoting tool will outline your options. Better yet, give us a ring and we can discuss the options and help you decide what’s best for you.


There are other online insurance quoting companies out there. How is Insurancehound different?

Yes there are companies that offer online quotes. But these are estimates only; these are typically sales leads that are sold to other insurance companies. So really it’s not one-stop shopping. You have to call an agent or wait for them to call you back. Complete paper applications, submit documents. Gets confusing & time consuming. Once you buy the insurance all transactions are done off-line so you loose control and cannot manage your insurance easily. With Insurancehound.ca all transactions are done online.


Is buying insurance online new? Are other companies offering this?

Quoting & Buying insurance online is very popular in the USA and Europe. In Canada online buying is usually done with Banks or Direct Writers. So you are getting one quote, one product, one company. This makes it very hard to shop around. With Insurancehound.ca you are getting instant quotes from multiple companies so you can compare and save. Insurancehound.ca is a full service insurance brokerage both online and offline. Call anytime to speak to one of our experienced brokers who are here to help you quote & buy, review coverage, offer advice, and consult if you ever have a claim.


People search & buy their Airline Tickets and book Vacations online. Some people prefer to do things the traditional way by speaking to a Travel Agent.

Is Insurancehound.ca doing the same with insurance?

Yes we are. We offer the ease & convenience of online insurance shopping but also provide Licensed Insurance Brokers to help you if you are not comfortable using our online portal. So unlike the travel industry, we provide you with both a simple online & offline experience.


What has your feedback been? What are clients telling you?

Clients tell us they want greater control of their insurance purchase with access to

cost-effective insurance products easily laid out so they can compare, learn as they are quoting, and have the ability to buy their insurance online. They want an online client portal so they can manage their account, view payment schedules and make policy changes. They want transparency. They also want to be able to speak to a licensed broker to guide them through the online process and advise them if necessary.


Can I move to Insurancehound.ca and stay with my current insurance company? I really like being able to manage my policies online.

Yes you can transfer your insurance policies onto the Insurancehound.ca system. If you are happy with your current insurance company makes sense to move your files to our self-manage policy system. Please contact us and we will be happy to seamlessly do this for you.


Who are the insurance companies you use?

All our insurance companies are industry leaders, easy to work with, and have great claims service. We proudly display them all here on our site, click on their logo to visit their websites to learn more about the great insurance companies we represent.


 What are the benefits of using a Broker and not an Agent?

Agents work directly for one insurance company. Brokers are independent licensed consultants who do not work for any insurance company but based on your needs will find several companies that can offer you the best value & coverage. Brokers offer independent advice, a wide variety of insurance products to choose from backed by many years of insurance experience & training.


Does Insurancehound.ca also do Commercial Insurance?

YES we do. By completing the easy to use commercial applications we are able to review your details quickly to find you the best quotes and the most suitable insurance policy to make sure you have the best coverage available. Our experienced insurance brokers have many years experience managing insurance for business of all sizes and operations. Many of our brokers are ex-underwriters, so we know what insurance companies are looking for to offer you the best coverage and most competitive premiums.


Is Insurancehound.ca a secure website?

Yes. This site uses VeriSign’s Digital Certificates to secure and encrypt data so that you can be assured that your information is protected by industry leading Internet security technology.